17 junho 2021


Hey guys!

Today the post will be all in English, but from the images that will follow, you will know the purpose of today's theme! I just did my physical exercise, took that neat shower, washed my hair (I'll dry it shortly with the blow dryer, because it's cold in Belo Horizonte, my city). It is with great pride, satisfaction and joy that I announce the blog's newest partner company Sculptshe, an online site that sells various aesthetic and essential products. I am adept at using modeling belts for numerous reasons, in my case, I chose to use it after sitting at the desk for hours studying, with this daily habit, back pain arose, which is a huge inconvenience for me.

In the category of best shapewear bodysuits, I found several models of modeling girdles. There are several benefits of wearing these accessories on the body. The first benefit is certainly the posture, the brace is able to leave us with the correct posture, avoiding discomfort and back pain. The second benefit is certainly aesthetic, as the girdle has the function of shaping the body and hiding as much as possible those imperfections that bother us. Sculptshe is efficient in providing comfort to its customers and the main thing is to provide high quality, non-irritable products that allow the skin to "breathe" and have a fair price! The model chosen above was my favorite, because it looks very comfortable and the best, without marking the clothes.

In addition, the store sells women's sportswear. This theme is an encouragement for me that I am slowly returning to the fitness routine. And while I was looking for specific models in this theme, I found this product above that intrigued me a lot. Blessed be the one who created a brace for the arms, because it's as big a nuisance as the belly, and it's hard to lose fat. The double belt waist trainer model I chose comes with these arm trimmers which, in addition to helping to eliminate arm fat, are also multipurpose, as we can put our cellphones or music players on while we practice physical activities. Practicality is everything friends!

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2 comentários:

  1. Adorei ver que tem opção de cinta para os braços.
    Eu tenho uma cinta para o abdomên que ajuda na postura e faz tempo que não uso.
    Adorei conferir os modelos.
    Pam Lepletier